Why Technique Is Paramount For Any Exercise To Build Muscle

While it is often underestimated by mistaken beginners, proper lifting technique plays an extremely important role in the overall scheme of weight lifting and building muscle mass. Not only does proper technique ensure that you are placing your muscles under the proper load relative to your actual lifting goals, but it also helps you avoid potential injury.

When you’re just learning how to lift weights properly, you should really take some time to practice the movements without any weight, or with a very light load. Research and understand in-depth the proper technique used in any lift, especially the more complicated compound lifts like the squat, deadlift and benchpress. If you want to know how to bulk up muscle properly, this is a great place to start.

Any specific exercise to build muscle is designed to target certain groups, or even isolate particular muscles. You should be keeping this in mind when performing a particular exercise. For instance, if you’re attempting an isolation workout like a bicep curl, you really shouldn’t be using anything other than your biceps and forearms to perform the workout. If you are swinging the weight and feeling the exercise in your back and shoulder muscles, you are doing it wrong.

Why Technique Is Paramount For Any Exercise To Build Muscle

Before carrying out a fully loaded exercise to build muscle, you should warmup with some lighter exercises. Avoiding injury is crucial to your long-term success in the gym. Certain serious injuries could put you out of commission for a long time and seriously cut into your muscle building goals. If you really want to build muscles fast, slow down and take your time. This sounds contradictory, but taking care of your body is crucial if you want to last long enough to see the results you’re after. Most serious workout plans will start off each exercise with some warmup sets, or at least warmup sets for a particular muscle group. Do not skip them!

If you spend any amount of time researching bodybuilding and really try to understand the mechanics behind any exercise to build muscle, you’ll see that keeping the muscle under load is critical. Proper technique ensures that your workout is only targeting and applying the complete, intended pressure of the exercise to that particular muscle or muscle group.

This of course leads to the proper gains that you’re looking for. Unfortunately some people develop poor lifting technique, and they fool themselves into thinking they can lift more than they actually can by essentially “cheating” when they lift. To use the bicep curl example again, you might notice someone swinging the weights, as opposed to using only the contractive strength of their bicep to move the weight. They’re really just fooling themselves and will often end up injured.

As you’ve learned from reading this article, it’s pointless to put a lot of work into formulating and attempting a complicated workout plan to gain muscle, if you’re not going to do the exercises properly. Any exercise to build muscle has to be done correctly and with respect of the limits of your body. Start off slow and be very deliberate and observant with your movements. With patience and enough practice the workouts will become second nature.

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