What is the Ideal Weight for a Man?

The ideal body weight may be impossible to define as not everyone has the same body type, height, shape, frame, age, daily activity, and overall fat distribution. However, there are various routes you can follow to determine if your weight is closer to being healthy or to being negative, if you are carrying too much body fat, or if you may be carrying more muscle instead. But it all comes down to taking into account several factors at the same time.

To calculate the ideal weight, you must calculate your BMI and body fat percentage, but both can be incredibly hard and annoying to do by yourself. Instead, we present you with an ideal body weight chart that you can follow to confirm whether you fit any category:

HeightWeightHealthyOverweightObese4’10’’92 – 118 lbs.119 –  142 lbs.143 – 186 lbs.4’11’95 – 123 lbs.124 – 147 lbs.148 – 193 lbs.5’0’’97 – 128 lbs.128 – 152 lbs.153 – 199 lbs.5’1’’100 – 134 lbs.134 – 157 lbs.158 – 206 lbs.5’2’’104 – 136 lbs.136 – 163 lbs.164 – 213 lbs.5’3’’106 – 142 lbs.142 – 168 lbs.169 – 220 lbs.5’4’’112 – 144 lbs.145 – 173 lbs.174 – 227 lbs.5’5’’114 – 149 lbs.150 – 179 lbs.180 – 234 lbs.5’6’’118 – 154 lbs.155 – 185 lbs.186 – 241 lbs.5’7’’121 – 158 lbs.159 – 190 lbs.191 – 249 lbs.5’8’’125 –  163 lbs.164 – 196 lbs.197 – 256 lbs.5’9’’128 – 168 lbs.169 – 202 lbs.203 – 263 lbs.5’10’’132 – 173 lbs.174 – 208 lbs.209 – 271 lbs.5’11’’136 – 178 lbs.179 – 214 lbs.215 – 279 lbs.6’0’’140 – 183 lbs.184 – 220 lbs.221 – 287 lbs.6’1’’144 – 188 lbs.189 – 226 lbs.227 – 295 lbs.6’2’’148 – 193 lbs.194 – 232 lbs.233 – 303 lbs.6’3’’152 – 199 lbs.200 – 239 lbs.240 – 311 lbs.6’4’’156 – 204 lbs.205 – 245 lbs.246 – 320 lbs.   BMI 19 – 24.924.9 – 3030 – 40

The formula that calculates BMI includes height and weight. It is pretty simple, and it consists of dividing your actual weight in pounds with your height in feet-inches. Then multiply the result by 703.As said before, this calculation for optimal weight for height does not imply that you have an idea weight for a man, but instead what is your recommended weight according to your height.

If your BMI is lower than 19, you are underweight. Below 17 means are starving. And if you have something between 19 and 24 – you are healthy enough. Overweight means you have over 25 up to 30 in BMI. And of course, if you have anything over 30, you are obese. If it passes the 40 BMI, you surely have an unhealthy metabolism problem.

If your weight is slightly over or under any of these measures, you may consider how much muscle and physical activity you have that could affect the BMI result. For example, if you are a bodybuilder with big muscles, very likely the chart will put you in the overweight category. If you are someone who runs every day for 30 minutes and you have almost no body fat in your body – it will probably tell you that you are healthy or underweight.

The same happens with athletes and people who have different types of body shapes and frames which affect their weight exponentially.Two factors that heavily affect the healthy weight male are body shape and body frame. Both seem similar, but have different factors that differentiate them.For example, body shape is the shape, metabolism, and overall bone structure a person may have. In body shape there are three generally known types – endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. Endomorph refers to people who have excellent genes, who can gain weight, muscle, or fat without much effort, and can lose it the same way with proper programs. Mesomorphs, however, have it much easier when it comes to gaining fat and muscle, but do have a problem eliminating fat and losing weight as they have a slower metabolism. Then we have ectomorphs, which are normally the skinniest and smallest of the three, where people do not have a problem in losing weight, but do have the problem in gaining it, whether it is fat or muscle.

Then we have the body frame of a person. Some people have larger and thicker bones than others, a different body distribution with bigger legs than arms, or wider torso than legs, and so on. In frame everything from waist to wrists, neck, legs, arms, and other measures matter heavily. This is pretty hard to measure and demands a lot of time.

As we’ve said before, it is highly complicated to know for certain.But to have a better idea, you can consider making all the measurements you can, from your BMI to your body fat percentage, considering your body shape and body frame, and then study each and make comparisons.

If you want a much more accurate measurement, then go to a nutritionist or general doctor. They will have a much better and accurate way to help you find your ideal body weight.

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