How To Grow Body Muscles Split Over Two Phases

More and more people learn how to grow body muscles in the attempt to enjoy massive muscle gain, less fat, more muscles and a proper fit. Unfortunately, most of them naturally assume that in order to become muscular, they have to be fat first. If you eat like a pig for more muscles, chances are you will end up looking like a pig too.Apart from those people with an extremely fast metabolism, most people need to focus on quality calories if they want to learn how to grow body muscles. Moreover, you cannot exaggerate with these things.

Men’s muscle and health do not mean pumping your body with calories because you risk facing uncontrollable fat deposits.The bad news is that once men reach to 10% body fat (and 14% for women), the levels of estrogen in the body go up. Instead of being used for the muscular production, the excessive calories tend to turn into fat deposits. With these ideas in mind, a little research will work a very long way.In order to get the best muscular mass growth, the best constitution is skinny.

The skinnier you are, the easier it becomes to grow striated muscular mass. Now, what are the best hidden muscle building secrets regarding these ideas? Not sure how to grow body muscles? Read on!

Lose Some Weight First

In order to gain muscular mass at an accelerated rate with clean methods and without losing weight, the main requirement is fairly simple – get slim or even skinny. There are no other methods. Unless you are slim enough, the body will turn the extra calories into even more fat deposits. It is not even worth mentioning how hard it is to gain muscles when overweight. Losing weight is not easy either, but do it smartly and there is no way to fail.

Set the Body for Muscular Growth

Never forget that your body is an incredible machine that likes the stage of homeostasis. In other words, it will always fight changes. Therefore, if you give it more calories, it will gain some muscular mass, as well as some fat. If you train hardly, most of the growth will go in the optimal direction – muscular mass.

When the body gets used to the workout and it adapts to the diet, the muscular production will go down. Plus, the body also develops an obvious resistance to insulin, which makes the growth even more difficult. This is why you also need to hunt the most effective muscle building supplement as well.

The key to setting the muscle growth is diet. When you manage to respect the optimal diet based on fat burning, you lose fat, optimize the insulin resistance and set the body for future growth.


As a short final conclusion, you do not have to try too hard to learn how to grow body muscles. It is only a matter of time until you figure what works for your body, but give it enough time though.


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