7 Tips On How To Keep A Healthy Prostate

A prostate is a little gland located below the bladder, over the urethra, and behind the rectum. Its main purpose is to help you produce more and healthier semen. So while a healthy prostate won’t keep you alive, it will play a huge role in your reproductive capabilities. It is essential to have good prostate care if you ever decide to have children, for example.If you are someone who wants to start taking care of your prostate, here you will find the best tips on maintaining good prostate health. Keep reading and catch on!

1. Check Yourself

Performing a self-check on your prostate can feel a little uncomfortable, but it is always better than going to the doctor. If you feel like it is too hard, let your doctor know and he will surely teach you how to do it safely and effectively.Remember, though, that you can always let the doctor do the prostate treatment for you. This will be a lot more effective than doing it yourself and very likely a lot safer. And of course, a doctor knows by experience the different types of problems you may have, while you may overlook them.

2. Eat Correctly

Eating right is always beneficial for almost all types of diseases, including those that act on the prostate. Maintaining a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, healthy oils, whole grains, and enough protein, you will improve your health completely and keep your prostate safer than without it. But of course, make sure that your diet is rich in vitamins, minerals, and all the necessary compounds our bodies need to function correctly.

Some of these rich foods we can find can be fish, which is rich in oil and omega-3 acids that help to burn fat and maintain better cardiovascular help. Something similar happens with nuts and oils, which not only help to enhance our antioxidant activity but also to reduce our insulin production which is eventually translated into less inflammation and fat storage. And leafy vegetables and citrus fruits, rich in vitamin D and C, and other minerals like calcium and potassium.

Having the right diet will simply make you much less likely to develop several prostate diseases, and maintain it working healthily as well.

3. Avoid Certain Foods

The right diet also consists of avoiding what eventually could make your health worse. Among these foods, you should avoid we can name sugar and fat-rich foods, such as sodas, sweetened drinks, candy, pies and cakes, and fried food. You can have these once in a while, of course, but always in low quantities. Sugar has been considered the number one fuel source for tumors in the prostate.

Red meat and dairy products are also slightly detrimental to prostate care. These have high amounts of saturated fat which could eventually lead to higher risk of cancer and other diseases of the prostate. Trans fats and acids are also huge enemies of the prostate, so avoid anything such as margarine or any other type of processed food. By avoiding the wrong kinds of food, you also prevent free radicals and impurities that could cause fatal illnesses later on.

4. Exercise Daily

Not a secret that physical activity, similarly to diet, also leads to a much healthier life. And with a healthier life, we also mean better male prostate health. Actually, exercise also helps to reduce fat in the belly that not only causes insulin resistance and make you look big, but it could also increase your chances of suffering from cancer.

Exercising daily for 30 minutes at least has been linked to improvements in heart-related conditions, better body composition, and enhanced metabolism. The better your metabolism, the less likely you are to suffer from prostate-related diseases.

5. Don’t Smoke or Drink

Smoking not only is linked to lung cancer but also to almost all types of cancer. They induce the creation of free radicals in our bodies, much faster than almost any other influence. And prostate cancer, in particular, tends to happen more likely and much worse when the person is a heavy smoker.Something similar happens with alcohol. Despite not being harmful per se, drinking lots of alcohol could damage the liver, the kidneys, the bladder, and eventually develop prostate cancer as well. Stick to a few glasses per month.

6. Take Your Supplements

If you can’t take all your vitamins and minerals from your food, then supplements are your best choice. Multivitamins that contain zinc, potassium, and calcium are always excellent for good prostate health.

7. Ejaculate Constantly

This will sound weird for some and fantastic for others, but yes, there is evidence that ejaculating more than 21 times a month does help in reducing the risk of suffering prostate cancer. There is no confidence that it could prevent it, but has been proved that men which do not ejaculate as often do have more risk of suffering from this type of disease. And of course, masturbation is always an excellent choice for many men, even though there have been many rumors that doing it repeatedly may be damaging; it is actually entirely safe and healthy.

So, ready to start nurturing a healthy prostate? Follow our advice on how to maintain good prostate health, and you’ll undoubtedly never experience any issue with your prostate.

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