12 Fat Burning Foods You Need to Know About

Ingesting the right list of fat burning foods makes it easier to maintain proper weight and burn fat without scorching protein. But it all comes down to the satiety capacity and variety in the diet, with enough protein, carbs, fat, and fiber, not only providing the right amount of calories but producing a better satisfying sensation.If you want to lose some weight, here we have the perfect list of foods that burn fat fast, as long as you use them in a varied and well-made diet.  Check them out!

1. Coffee

Is not coffee per se that does the job, but the caffeine. Caffeinated drinks, including a hot cup of coffee, can improve metabolisms and boost fat oxidation that produces weight loss, especially during and after exercise.

2. Green Tea

There is a compound that provides superb metabolism effects, EGCG – or mostly known as Epigallocatechin gallate, which not only helps to burn fat but also makes it less likely to store it. Actually, most weight loss products out there which offer effective results use EGCG as one of the main ingredients on their formulas.

3. Vegetables

Fiber and antioxidants are the richest compounds vegetables offer when it comes to burning fat. They are also low in calories, provide a nutrient-rich composition, and often make organs function more efficiently. Among the best vegetables you can try, there is spinach, lettuce, collard greens, turnip greens, broccoli, mustard greens, kale, and other leafy and dark veggies.

4. Fruits

Fruits will always be excellent for weight-loss diets, or for when it is crucial to maintain a low-fat percentage. The best fat burning fruits are berries, heavily recommended in bodybuilding programs, the same happens with citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits, which help to improve metabolism and burn fat exponentially.

5. Whole Grains

There are not many foods as rich in fiber as whole grains are. Fiber is essential for satiety and better digestion.  Whole grains such as barley, brown rice, spelt, and whole wheat, do help to provide immense amounts of fiber to our diets. Also, it is known that whole grains also tend to be a lot slower to digest, which brings insulin to be produced slowly as well. The less insulin present in our bodies, the more fat we can burn.

6. Dairy Products

Even though specific dairy products are rich in fats that are not too favorable, other low-fat products such as milk, yogurt, and certain types of cheese do help to burn fat, especially because they are richer in calcium which also improves metabolism slightly. Dairy products also offer essential proteins.

7. Cinnamon

Insulin, as you already know, is the responsible for fat storage in your body. Cinnamon, surprisingly, helps the body to produce less insulin and to make use of more fat in the process without storing it. Eventually, cinnamon helps in making the body burn calories more efficiently.

8. Eggs

Protein is essential for our metabolism. Protein is also one of the most effective natural fat burners out there, and when you add choline which eggs have in massive quantities, you make them even more suitable for weight-loss purposes. Eggs are just amazing when it comes to weight loss, and do help to stimulate better muscle strength and growth too.

9. Hot Peppers

We know them as jalapeños which are rich in capsaicin that has been reported as an excellent compound that stimulates thermogenic effects in our bodies. This raises body temperature and improves metabolism, which eventually ends up in burning more. Hot peppers are some of the best fat burning foods for men, as they will also add some spicy feel to your meals while helping you to get rid of some fat.

10. Nuts

Similarly to grains, nuts are also high in fiber but also provide healthy carbs. These carbs alongside the fiber induce a satiety effect in our stomachs. They also help to reduce fat in our bloodstream and contribute to maintaining our triglycerides and lipid profiles at the right level.

11. Oils

Coconut, olive, and MCT oil; three of the rarest and maybe most expensive oil there are, but also the three most effective against body fat.  Olive oil, for example, is the safest and healthiest oil on earth. It reduces lipid profiles, boosts metabolism and provides little to no fat at all. Coconut oil is similar and offers healthy fat which is easier to burn and more abundant in nutrients. MCT oil does the same with fat while providing a boost in energy and satiety levels.

12. Fatty Fish

Fish is essential for muscle growth thanks to the benefits of protein. However, fatty fish is even better, as they not only help to provide this quality protein but also other compounds such as omega-3 acids, which are linked to better cardiovascular health and improved fat-burning processes. Also, fatty fish also helps to enhance satiety levels and provide almost no side effects at all.

So, are you looking for the best list of fat burning foods to start arranging your diet? Use our recommendations on this article and you will inevitably create a perfect diet program that burns fat faster and more efficiently.

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