Hydrotherapy Types and Tips

Hydrotherapy Types and Tips

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

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hydrotherapyHydrotherapy can help people all around the world in many ways. It has been known that water helps a lot in our system and it offers great benefits for healing. And hydrotherapy or water therapy had dated back since then and people found its great benefits even then.

There are several typical types of hydrotherapy employed for healing and for other purposes. As of today, hydrotherapy has also found its niche in sports injury healing and has been quite popular in the US, Australia and UK. It has become a staple in all sports medicine facilities too and has been sought by many athletes and ordinary people as well.

Types of Hydrotherapy You can Choose Form

Hydrotherapy has many different types. Some of which may benefit you some will not fit your needs. And remember your doctor should approve this first for you.

·         Physiotherapy in water. This includes manual manipulation or physical therapy of affected muscles or body parts while submerge in a tub of water. The temperature of the water may depend on the doctor’s or PT’s prescription. Most often this has been used by athletes who hare recovering from sports injuries. Physical manipulation while in water lessens strains and pains and it promotes buoyancy. Massage can also be included in this category and may be used to combat stress and anxiety too.

·         Sitz Bath. It is a treatment wherein there is hot and cold water present for the therapy. The process is to alternate from two baths for good measure.

·         Steam Baths. This is where a considerable amount of moisture and steam is used. IT can be sued for relaxation and for healing as well.

·         Cold Wraps. This one involves wet sheets to cover the client.

·         Saunas. This is where there is heat and water to induce sweating and cleanse the body.

·         Hot fomentation. This is for the relief of coughs wherein hot compress is used on the chest and cold compress is used on the head to relieve cough.

·         Internal Hydrotherapy. This one includes some internal process wherein water is used to detoxify the system of our body.

Tips before Undergoing Hydrotherapy

·         Seek your doctors’ opinion first if hydrotherapy will coincide with the treatments you are currently having or medications.

·         Choose a good facility. More often if you have a sports doctor, they can give you good recommendation on sports medicine facilities or hospitals. Good sports hospitals will offer you options and will really help you in the process.

·         Cooperate and follow all there rules. Do not skip therapies and avoid all the don’ts you have been told not to do. Make sure you take care of yourself too.

·         If you are having a treatment for a sports injury recovery, do not engage yet in active sports until your therapy has concluded or your doctor told you so.

Simple tips for you to follow, and some little introduction for hydrotherapy. Hope this gives you ht idea about the process.

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