Healthy Lifestyle is a Wealthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle is a Wealthy Lifestyle

Monday, August 29th, 2011

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When it comes to health and longevity, it all starts with a healthy lifestyle.  You can find examples of people who stayed strong and healthy well into their later years while doing very little to take care of themselves, but in general the lifestyle you lead is going to be very important to live a long and healthy life.  While it may seem that living a healthy lifestyle just means getting some exercise and eating right, there is more to it.  The following tips should help anyone who wants to get healthier.

Tip number one is to get up and move.  That means turning off the TV and getting outside for a walk or some other activity.  Exercise is fantastic for a number of reasons which include: reduced stress, increased calorie burn, increased strength and endurance.  There are even more benefits than this, but these benefits should be enough.

The second tip is to eat well by eliminating or at least greatly reducing processed foods and getting more whole foods into your diet.  Keeping a healthy lifestyle is not difficult if you fix your dietary habits first.  By cutting down on processed foods, you should end up eating less starch, sugar, and fat, and effortlessly reduce your caloric intake each day.  This will help you to keep your weight managed at a healthy level when combined with exercise. 

Aside from those two basics, one more important way to develop a healthy lifestyle is to join a social group.  Friends and family are important to a healthy mind and emotional well being.  It may not seem like an obvious factor in living a healthy lifestyle, but the benefits to developing a social group and having a sense of community cannot be underestimated.  For starters, those with a strong sense of community will tend to feel safer, notice they function at a higher level due to community support, feel lonely less often overall, and often have a greater sense of purpose.

If a healthy lifestyle is equal parts physical and pscyhological, then a sense of community should be at or near the top of the psychological list of factors.

Our last tip for living a healthy lifestyle is to manage stress.  While we touched on this in previous paragraphs, some stress management methods should be practiced.  If regular physical activity is not enough to manage your stress levels then taking up Tai Chi, yoga, or meditation may be good options.  All of these are typically considered beneficial for stress management and relief.

What a healthy lifestyle comes down to is taking care of yourself in each area of your life and maintaining balance.  A life of restriction is unlikely to be a healthy and happy one.  Likewise, a life of indulgence and laziness is unlikely to contribute to a long healthy lifespan as well.  Finding your middle ground where you are happy, with managed stress, a strong social life, and in good physical shape is a life long pursuit for many, but is perhaps what ensures that those who want to end up leading a healthy lifestyle.


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