Activities for the Elderly

Activities for the Elderly

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

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In fact, there are many activities that the elderly can participate in that can not only help them to stay alert and active but which can also provide real and tangible daily rewards. If you are a family carer, or a professional who is looking for healthcare products to help provide opportunities for the elderly to participate in rewarding activities why not think about the some of the following.

Artistic pursuits such as painting and drawing offer the elderly a chance to engage in a rewarding hobby that can be of real therapeutic benefit. Concentration is likely to be improved, the feeling of self-achievement is enhanced and the joy of personally producing a work of art, however modest it may be, can make life so much more rewarding.

There are many other forms of art that the elderly can engage in to keep their minds alert and active. Many retired men enjoy constructing miniature toys, buildings and furniture. Elderly ladies may enjoy needlework, knitting, sewing, crochet and embroidery. Not only do these activities keep the mind active, they also help to maintain a good eye to enhance co-ordination and manual dexterity. Simple activities such as reading and writing are equally stimulating for the elderly and the provision of a selection of books, a pen or pencil and some writing paper can turn what might have been a humdrum day into a creative experience.

Elderly people are not limited to completely non-physical activities, however. If you are caring for an elderly person, either as a family carer or as a member of a residential care staff team, you should always remember the benefits that can be achieved from gentle physical activities. Subject to health and mobility, there are a range of such physical activities that the elderly can enjoy to enhance the quality of life during their latter years. 

One such activity is gardening. The beauty of gardening is that it can range from tending a small window box to a grand set of lawns and flower beds, depending on the ability and fitness of the individual.

A popular sporting activity that attracts the elderly because of its relative ease on the energies is bowls. Most towns have at least one bowls club that will welcome the elderly community members. Not only does this provide a really great form of physical exercise for senior citizens, it can also provide an easy way of meeting new people in a relaxed and sporting environment. What is especially rewarding about bowls is that the sport welcomes elderly men and women alike.

The most important innovation for all of us has been the development of the internet and computer technology. For elderly people who are less mobile physically, the internet provides a world where travel, sport, art galleries, museums, music and film are available without the need for them to leave their seat. All it takes is the provision of a computer and some simple instruction on its use to open up a completely new world for the elderly person in your care.

It is all too easily to think that the elderly only need to be cared for during their later years. There is no reason, however, that the senior citizens that we care for should not also be encouraged to participate in activities to enrich their lives and keep their minds and bodies active and healthy. There are so many activities that the elderly can participate in regardless of their age and physical or mental aptitude. It is our responsibility, as carers, to ensure that the elderly people in our care are given the opportunity to engage in whatever activity that they are capable of enjoying. That way, their later years may well be marked by the development of new skills, interests and friendships.

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