5 tips for back pain relief which can assist you

5 tips for back pain relief which can assist you

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

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5 tips for back pain relief which can assist you

According to a research which has been done, back pain affects approximately 80% of the people worldwide at least once in their live time. Luckily, there are pain relievers which don’t require expensive medication.

Back pain relief makes you to recuperate quickly from chronic or acute pain. This will enable you to return to normal activities after a short break. The following are the 5 simple back pain relief tips which can assist you if you follow strictly. As a result, it will help you to recover from back pain:

1. Use of a ice pack or a heating pad

Heat can reduce pain and stiffness. Nevertheless, ice can also reduce swelling and pain. In fact, you can use either of the two methods till you find the best method which can relieve pain from your back.

2. Doing exercisesBack pain relief

You can ask your physician or doctor the type of exercises which you can do so as to stretch and strengthen the muscles at your back, shoulders and stomach. These muscles are beneficial since they assist in supporting your spine. In fact, strong muscles can assist in: improving your posture, balancing your body, decreasing the chances of injury and reducing pain.


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3. Resting

If your back is hurting to much, taking a break can also act as a pain reliever. However, you don’t require resting for a long time before you get moving. Slowly return to your activities and avoid things which can make your pain worse. What you need to be careful about bed rest is that if you rest for a couple of days, it can make your back pain worse. This might even lead to other problems for example muscle weakness and stiff joints.

4. Practicing of good posture

Poor posture will result in stressing your back. Therefore, you need to sit tall or stand with your shoulders and stomach pulled in for support of your back. You don’t need to slouch or slump.

5. Learning of ways of reducing stress

Stress can worsen your back pain. Therefore, you need to try taking a deep breath, medication or relaxation exercises. You may also visit a counselor. The professional will show you how to change certain behaviors and thoughts in order to control your pain.

In conclusion, the above back pain relief tips will greatly assist you. If you practice one of the methods shown above, it will relieve your pain. Hence you will continue with your daily duties without any problem. If the pain persists, you need to seek medical advice from the doctor.


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