5 Habits That Are Bad for Your Nails

5 Habits That Are Bad for Your Nails

Friday, December 7th, 2012

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5 Habits That Are Bad for Your Nails

The hands are a reflection of our age and the care we give our bodies in general. It is very well known that a careless hands cause a bad impression on our appearance. Therefore, it is inevitable that we do what we can for our nails to look clean and healthy and there are certain habits that prevent you from having healthy and beautiful nails.

Today you will learn the 5 sabotaging habits which abuse your nails, and how to stop them.

Habit # 1 – Nail Biting

Generally, some people bite their nails when they get nervous. So not only is this habit bad for the appearance of your nails, it makes you seem like someone who lacks self-confidence. Moreover, nail biting makes them prone to infections spreading to the skin or mouth. Bacteria are often accumulated under fingernails, and eventually will go to the mouth when we bite them.

To avoid this bad habit, try to always keep your nails painted with your favorite color. Or you can even paint them because even if you feel the urge to bite your nails, nice little prints spoil you away from it.

Habit # 2 – Remove the cuticles

Removing the cuticles i is not harmful, but we must be careful to do it as properly as possible. Again because bacteria and fungi can take over this delicate area and damage nails. Try cutting the cuticles and the skin around the nails using only sterilized tools, and then apply an antifungal cream after.

Habit # 3 – Use strong filer

While using a nail filer that has strong sandpaper can make it easy for us to shape the nails, it is also true that it can thin our nails causing them to break easily. Instead use a file that is half sand and file the nails in one direction.

Habit # 4 – Peel of nail colors instead of using proper nail remover

When the nail polish starts to “peel” many turn to the option of finishing the job and began to pull the paint to remove the polish themselves. By doing this, you can easily bring about damages to the nail as it can peel some layers off and weaken it. In this case, when the paint starts to wear off, it is better to take time and remove with polish remover.

Habit # 5 – Gel Manicures

Currently there are nail paintings in the form of gel that require a special machine to settle. While this type of paint is great, it also requires a UV lamp to set and dry it. If you do it on an ongoing basis you can end up drying it on the skin of your hands and nails, and overexposure leaves you at risk for skin problems.

So there they are; the 5 habits that are bad for your nails. By simply avoiding these things, you can easily improve the health and appearance of your finger nails. Be sure to always put on some hand lotion after every wash to prevent dry hands and cuticles as well.

Claire Mier is a professional beauty and health blogger for GetCurvyNow.com where she shares her passion in holistic medicine and natural approach to health and beauty. She has been a successful content contributor to the online publications for over 6 years in health and beauty niche. Claire’s latest project is her unbiased review of  Breast Actives breast enhancement system. Claire has also been responsible for video marketing and content marketing with her works featured in many online article directories such as Ezinearticles, and many more.

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