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  • 4 Tips to a Healthier Body

    4 Tips to a healthier body: The food that you eat reflects on your body. It’s important that you choose healthy foods so that your hair and skin would be glowing. This is in contrast to you eating unhealthy foods just because they are easily accessible and tempting. If you want to have a good body, here are a few reminders for you

  • Complementing Your Bodybuilding Training with Supplements

    Achieving that muscular body you've always wanted can be done with consistent workout and the right bodybuilding supplements.

  • A Raw Fruitarian Diet: Is It Too Extreme?

    Raw Fruitarian Diet: Is It Too Extreme? Vegetarian and vegan diets are growing in popularity as people discover the health benefits of eating a meat-free diet. Some studies show that vegetarians lead longer, healthier lives than their meat eating counterparts – and, for many, it’s a diet that’s more compassionate. On the other hand, some people find vegetarian and vegan diets to be too restrictive. There’s another form of vegetarianism that has its share of followers – people who eat a raw fruitarian diet as their form of sustenance.